Handmade to feel authentic.

Get realistic Procreate brushes that look and feel like traditional mediums.


I use traditional tools like paint, pencils, markers, etc. and a scanner to create realistic Procreate brushes that emulate the real thing.


I'm an artist that works both digitally and traditionally. I designed these brushes to bridge the gap between digital and traditional.


My brushes have 5 star reviews across many platforms like Creative Market, Gumroad, Etsy, Design Cuts, and Cubebrush.


I respond to your emails quickly to resolve any issues or questions you may have. Head over to my contact page to get in touch.

Why buy Procreate brushes?

Your art supplies—both digital and traditional—are super important.

I used Prismacolor pencils for most of my life. They were the only pencils I had ever used and they were within my budget. But eventually I found myself struggling to get the pencils to do what I wanted them to do. The wax bloom would drive me crazy and the blending wasn’t smooth. It was frustrating and sometimes I felt like quitting because my tool was working against me (and then I would blame myself for being a bad artist).

Then I researched better pencils. I found the Caran d’Ache Luminance Colored Pencils Set for a whopping $200. I had to do some mental gymnastics to justify the purchase. “Okay Sadie you’re going to use these EVERY DAY to make them worth it,” I told myself. I knew the fancy pencils wouldn’t make me a better artist, but they made the process of creating art a million times more enjoyable for me and in turn I created work I was happier with. The pencils changed the way I worked for the better and oh were they worth it.

Digital is no exception
. I started creating my own Procreate brushes to improve my workflow and make digital art more enjoyable. I love the look and authenticity of traditional mediums so I designed my brushes to emulate them. They are the brushes I love and use in my work, and I hope you love them too.


Don't just take my word for it.

"Sadie Lew’s brushes are amazing. I downloaded three sets and you can tell they are all crafted at high quality with a lot of love, and are super satisfying to use! Bravo!! Highly recommend." —Jessica Kopecky on Creative Market

"I’m a huge fan of Sadie Lew Procreate brushes, and these did not disappoint! I can really feel that these brushes were made by an artist who is interested in providing an experience close to the real thing. Luscious and buttery, unlike so many brushes found online, these will make it a much more pleasant Procreating experience, hard to stop actually. Not only all this, her customer service has been prompt, kind, and professional. Hard to beat!" —Jane Whisler on Creative Market

"This is another excellent set of brushes from Sadie Lew. I've purchased 3 of her sets so far and will probably purchase the rest very soon. Wonderful job! Great customer services too with a question I had on installation. Thanks Sadie!"  —Keith Killoran on Creative Market



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