The last name is actually Lewandowski but that's a doozy to spell. I’m a Mexican-American artist and graphic designer. I live in Colorado with my husband and two dogs. I'm an INTJ that loves dogs, psychology, true crime anything, and poke bowls. I love making pop culture things. My style is a mixed media approach that combines both digital and traditional.

I graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Colorado State University Pueblo. I worked as a graphic designer for 5 years across multiple industries including retail and non-profit. Now I sell my products on online marketplaces and I also freelance.

I'm available for freelance work! Reach out to me on my contact page.


MarCom Awards: 2018 Gold Winner for Magazine Cover

Davey Awards: 2018 Silver Winner for Promotional Announcement / Greeting


I've had the opportunity to work with clients like US Soccer, the US Women's National Soccer Team, American Animal Hospital Association, QALO, and more.