Frequently Asked Questions


How do I install Procreate brushes?
If iPadOS is installed on your iPad (or if you’re not sure what’s installed but you’re up-to-date on all the lastest iPad updates):
Once you receive your order confirmation email, select the View Order button within the email which will open Safari. Select the button Access Digital Content. Select the file you would like to download, and your iPad will prompt you to download the file. Select Download. The download will then save to your iPad. Once it finishes downloading, select the downloads button within Safari. It’s the down arrow with the circle around it on the top right side of your screen. Select the file you just downloaded. It will automatically open Procreate and install the file (both .brush and .brushset files) for you.
If you're not using iPadOS:
If you have a computer running macOS 10.11 or higher, you can AirDrop the brush set directly from your computer to your iPad. This transfers and installs the brush set all in one step!
 If not, transfer the file(s) ending in .brushset from your computer to a Dropbox folder. You might want to put all of your Procreate brushes in a specific Dropbox subfolder. On your iPad, open the Dropbox app, then navigate to the folder where your brush set is located. Tap on the brush set file, then click the small [...] icon and click Export. Click Open In... and tap Copy to Procreate.
 Now, when you open Procreate, you'll see your new brush set at the top of your brush library.
Where did the brushes go in Procreate?
.brushset files will appear at the top of your brush library, while .brush files will appear in the Imported folder.
Where does the file go on my iPad? How do I delete that file?
If you're using iPadOS, your download will stay on your iPad. If you want to delete the file to save room on your iPad, head over to your Files app. It’s the app with a blue folder and white background. Select the Browse button on the bottom of the screen if it’s not already selected. Select “On My iPad” on the left side of the screen. Select the Downloads folder. Here is where all of your downloaded files live. Side note: you can install brushes from this screen as well if you don’t want to use Safari. To delete the file, press and hold the file you want to delete. A menu will pop up. Select Delete. Now the file (and the storage it was taking up) is gone, but don’t worry because the brush/brushes are still in Procreate!
Do Procreate 4 brushes work in Procreate 5?
Absolutely! Procreate brushes are backwards compatible (meaning a new version will support brushes from previous versions), and the brushes function exactly the same in Procreate 5.
What is a .brushset file? Why are there no .brush files?
The .brushset format allows you to install a set of brushes all at once. You'll need Procreate version 4.1 or higher to install .brushset files. If you’re not given the option to Copy to Procreate when installing brushes, you probably need to update your Procreate app.
Brush sets are much more convenient than individually importing every single brush so I use the .brushset format in my store. However, I occasionally release free individual brushes which are .brush files.
Do Procreate brushes work on a computer? Do they work with Photoshop?
No. Procreate brushes cannot be used on a computer nor can they be used with Photoshop.
Can I use the brushes commercially and for any end product?
Yes, you can use them commercially for any end use. However, do not resell or redistribute the brushes.
Is there a way to save all of my purchases so I can re-download brushes?
With this new website, yes! Simply make an account when you checkout and when you view your account all of your orders will be available to view/download. However, even if you don't make an account, you can still re-download your purchases with the link in the email you received.
Why buy Procreate brushes?
Your art supplies—both digital and traditional—are super important. I used Prismacolor pencils for most of my life. They were the only pencils I had ever used and they were within my budget. But eventually I found myself struggling to get the pencils to do what I wanted them to do. The wax bloom would drive me crazy and the blending wasn’t smooth. It was frustrating and sometimes I felt like quitting because my tool was working against me (and then I would blame myself for being a bad artist).Recently I researched better pencils. I found the Caran d’Ache Luminance Colored Pencils Set for a whopping $200. I had to do some mental gymnastics to justify the purchase. “Okay Sadie you’re going to use these EVERY DAY to make them worth it,” I told myself. I knew the fancy pencils wouldn’t make me a better artist, but they made the process of creating art a million times more enjoyable for me and in turn I created work I was happier with. The pencils changed the way I worked for the better and oh were they worth it.Digital is no exception. I started creating my own Procreate brushes to improve my workflow and make digital art more enjoyable. I love the look and authenticity of traditional mediums so I designed my brushes to emulate quality traditional mediums. My brushes use a variety of rich, high resolution textures. They're handmade with real mediums and a scanner. They are the brushes I love and use in my professional work, and I hope you love them too.


Do you offer refunds on digital goods like brushes?
I generally don't offer refunds due to the non-returnable nature of digital goods. If there are extenuating circumstances please reach out to me and I'd love to help.
My order was damaged during shipping. Can I get a refund?
Please send an email to with photos of the damage. I will issue you a refund once I receive the email!


When will my order ship?
I ship within 1-3 business days of ordering.
What kind of shipping do you use?
I use USPS Flat Rate shipping.
Do you ship internationally?
No, not at the moment.